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We are a friendly, welcoming tattoo shop!

Exceptional Cleanliness Standards

We strive to be the cleanest, safest tattoo and piercing shop in the area. We require all of our staff to have bloodborn pathogen training and certificates. We clean our shop to hospital operating room standards and we have exemplary sterilization protocols.


Our piercers have a kind and gentle bedside manner to put you at ease. We use sterile, single use, surgically sharp needles.  We take our time to get your piercing just how you want it, yet our prices are very competitive.

We are the best shop to take your child for their ear piercing -only $40, which includes implant-grade surgical steel earrings (upgrades available).

Meet Our Team

Gypsy Rose Becker

Tattoo Artist

Body Piercer


Specialties: Black and grey illustration style, Botanical 

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Salty Becker

Tattoo Artist


Specialities: American Traditional (old school), Tribal, Script

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Melanie Grace

Body Piercer

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May Urías

Tattoo artist

Specialties: American Traditional, Colorwork, Animation, Blackwork/dot work, Script, Black and Grey. 

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Tattoos are forever

Plan for it!  Do your research, and make an appointment. You should not be in a rush to get something that lasts (ideally) your whole life. 

The best and proper way to go about getting a tattoo is to come in for your free consultation to get all the necessary information, and set your appointment. Same-day or next-day appointments are often possible.

We do take walk ins clients when we are able- especially for small tattoos.  If you do want to attempt to be seen without an appointment, it is a good idea to call ahead to ask if there is an artist  available. Even if the answer is yes, another walk-in client may beat you to it. So it’s always best to make an appointment.

Pricing Information



Piercing prices are set, determined by the location.

Appointments are not required for piercings.*  Walk in anytime during business hours. 

*Exotic piercings do require appointments.


Tattoos can never be priced electronically, or over the phone. Many factors go into determining the cost of each tattoo so it needs to be done with an in person consultation.  We do consultations anytime during business hours, without an appointment. Drop by whenever it’s convenient for you for your free consultation; you will leave with pricing, and any other information you require.

We keep our prices lower than our competitors. Our shop minimum is only $50. You can get a tiny, simple tattoo for only $50, depending upon placement and other details.

APPOINTMENTS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. All tattoos appointments must be secured with deposits. At the time of your consultation, you will leave a deposit and make an appointment. This deposit is like a down payment on your tattoo. The balance of the value of the tattoo will be paid at the appointment time. In the case of large tattoos, a drawing fee will be assessed and deducted from your deposit. For most tattoos, all the deposit is applied toward the cost of the tattoo. 

Deposits are non-refundable in the case of no-shows but you can reschedule if adequate warning and retain the credit.


We are now offering Microblading at the introductory price of only $225. This includes a 30 day touchup AND a six month refresher.

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Appointments strongly recommended for tattoos. Free consultations done anytime during business hours.